Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ram Gopal Varma – The Existence, The Independence.

Howard Roark, John Galt, Francisco d'Anconia, Dominique, Dagny Taggarat, kamal Haasan, Ramgopal Varma…. All belong to the same fraternity…
The Fraternity of “Living on ones own terms”
As per one of the famous Philosopher, “There are no facts only interpretations”
So this article is about my Interpretation on Ramu
What made me write this ???
My Reverent respect towards the people who stand again all Odd’s and Who believe in themselves to such an extent which makes them to Live only on their own Terms…but on nothing else.
Ramu is one of them.

Is he right or is he wrong? I don’t have any interest to answer this as Right and wrong are always subjective and perceptive.
I presume his attitude to be one of the finest attitudes possible, that alone makes me today to THINK ALOUD about him.
SHIVA—Debut film—Blockbuster of Ramu….
Initially I liked this film for Music
Then for Nagarjuna and his body histrionics
With the growing time and growing knowledge, started liking this film for the Technicalities… The scenes like, Nagarjuna trying to hit JD with a broken bottle-The camera Angle in this scene; Chinna while running away from villains, getting hit to the Pole—The brilliance of driving the concentration away from the pole ,till chinna goes and hits it by mistake.
His COMPANY..and the fantastic camera angles…
His Sarkar….For the amazing strength it got…..
So on so forth….
This made me follow his upcoming films.. Some sounded Wonderful..some sounded uttercrap..but somehow the instinct to watch his films continued.
In the process, got to read few of his interviews which made me understand his attitude to an extent…
Attitude..My bigger weakness….Always impressed by People with Fine attitude( def of fine attitude depends on my stance anyways)
The impression droved me to read all his interviews as well as watch him talking….
Probably then I became Fan to him…
He always sounds very strong..When asked

Q:. Where do you find your strength?
Ramu: In my will to be what I am.

My interpretation on why people hate Ramu lead me to few observations..
He is marked as a selfish as always he keeps on telling that “I live for my own happiness”.
As a matter of fact, everyone lives for their own Happiness…
When thought on a deeper note… Let’s start with charity institutions….
They claim themselves selfless ….No selfishness involved…
They are certainly doing a good second thought but coming to this to this selfless ness…..Is it true?

They are serving people because..Because..Because…that makes them happy at the day end..that makes them feel that they have done something good which ultimately leads to their own satisfaction and happiness.

Leaving all those people behind, lets talk about people who blame some one else to be selfish…. For ex: People blame Ramu when he says that I live for myself & I am not into any social service…..
Infact he is far better than a lot of people who are pointing their fingers to him, He is doing Social service in another sense,
By not HARMING any one
By not intruding into any one’s life
By not giving unnecessary suggestions to anyone
By not bluffing himself to be social
By not claiming to be selfless by just giving a rupee or 2 to beggars
By not displaying the fake generosity
By not disguising himself to be an intellectual and behind the screen proving to be an idiot

All the people who state he is a selfish idiot….do they really think themselves to be selfless?
Working for any charity doesn’t prove one to be selfless, thinking about others life’s for no reason is not divine
The parameters or rather the criteria for being selfish are something different…
Everyone in the creation is selfish. Period….
We love someone, and we do certain things for their happiness….and claim at the end, that it’s a selfless Love…
We do all those things to make them happy..Which ultimately makes us happy…and the equation ends with a reminder of Selfishness again…
Love itself is selfish. Then where come this selfless Love exist?

The basic Rights of Human Being are….
• Right to THINK
• Right to LIVE
• Right to ACT
• Right to FEEL

Do every human being avail those rights now?
He can think but many other factors like social acceptance, satisfying the fellow human beings and making sure that his thoughts don’t hurt the other beings are the basic hindrances one does face.
Social acceptance…. Society….Why should one satisfy Society killing one’s self?? Is it because man is a social being and need to get on with the prerogative rules.????
What do these rules talk about???
Why does one need to satisfy the people who are more interested in Gossips rather than facts?
Until and unless one’s thought is not harming anyone… no thought is subjective to any social acceptance…. Understanding this itself is a victory and implementing this a CHALLENGE which Ramu WON..and the prize is the “Selfish” Tag he have now.

Q: Are you selfish? Is selfishness a sin? Are you an atheist?
Ramu: - Yes I am. Nothing is a sin as long as you are not consciously hurting others. Yes I am an atheist.

LIVE: do we avail this right???
Life is something which is ones Own , which makes us feel our Existence.
If everyone can live their own life’s rather than pondering into someone else’s life and interests then LIVING becomes an other VICTORY.
Take any disaster; analysis aftermath will surely lead to a point where in the root cause will be the Interest and intrusion into others life
Terrorist attacks….
Terrorism wants others to practice their own interests..not happening on which they attack..
War…happens when they expect the others to do certain things not happening on which war breaks out….
Any disaster for that matter is because of certain expectations…..
Without expectations..Live and Let Live happens….
Accepting this fact is wisdom..which Ramu has….
He is Living his life..every minute of his life…

Q: Is it my problem if I have higher expectations from you?
Ramu: It will be a problem for you if you have expectations from anyone including your family, your government and also God. The secret of a happy life is not to have expectations from anybody except yourself.

ACT: Acting on ones own terms….
How many one of us can do things only because they like it..not because they need to satisfy someone ???
We need not answer anyone but surely need to answer our conscience
Though people of this class are there who act on their own terms. still they do have certain instances where in they don’t….. and the residue hurts them….
Ramu Acts on his own terms

Q:You think like this because you are successful.
Ramu: I am successful because I think like this.

FEEL: Pathetic thing is that, people stop feeling about certain things only because society claims it to be a SIN…..
If you feel something..feel it for all the reasons..but not 2 satisfy someone else…

Q: I don’t think you are eccentric, just emotionally intense and complex.
Ramu: If you promise not to tell anybody, I am also a very nice guy.

Q: Do you fear death?
Ramu: No. But I love life too much.

In my childhood I read a book by the name “Amaravathi Kadhalu” which later on was picturised and telecasted as a serial in DD national channel.
That book is of 100 short stories, in which one was my all time fav…The name of that story is “malli thellavaarindhi”( which meant, Again( another) the day started”)
That’s a 2 page story, which talks about the daily routine of a person, who never interferes into anyone’s life but goes on doing his own tasks, not getting involved into anything but his life.
He dies on one fine day and people come and express their grief and goes away.
That’s the story..
Gist is that … “Though he hasn’t done anything remarkable in his life, still he is marvelous by not doing any disaster and sticking to living his own life and letting others live theirs”

I am reminded of that story when ever I hear few comments on Ramu.

Attitude which is quite remarkable and quite a good sensible is something need to be applauded..which I do for Ramu…

Few excerpts from his interviews depicting his Attitude:

Q: What is right and what is wrong?
Ramu: What you can get away with is right and what you can’t is wrong. The things which will affect and influence that is religion, morality, social standards and the law.

Q. I can’t believe your rudeness. What do you think of yourself?
Ramu: Too much

Q: Do you know you have given people like me the courage to face a life-time.
Ramu: I am truly happy to know that but just remember it’s not about facing life but it’s about flowing with it. Life, time and destiny do not stop for anybody. It’s up to you to understand it and use its strength as an addition to your own individual strength.

Q: A. what does Mani Ratnam think of your cinema?
B. What do you think of his cinema?
Ramu: - A. Nothing
B. Nothing

Q. I don’t think you are eccentric, just emotionally intense and complex.
Ramu: If you promise not to tell anybody, I am also a very nice guy.

There is an Advertisement for Apple IPOD. With a Tag line..” Your Music Your Identity” , that’s absolutely true…..When discussing about choices and interests and Favorites…
We like certain book not only because of the content,also that we connect to that in one way or the other..
For eg… The same film will be liked by several people for several reasons…
My friend and myself, we both like a film called “Athadu”, both for different reasons, I like that film for Dialogues and my friend likes it for Mahesh Babu.. so the bottom line is , one need to have a connecting factor which drives them to like it.. This in turn depicts that our choice is our attitude most of the times.

Q: Why do your fans like you even when you are so frank and rude to them?
Ramu: Because deep inside they are frank and rude too and hence they connect.

May be i like him for the same reason :)

“Neither love nor fame nor cash is a value if obtained by fraud”—Ayn Rand

Today for what all he is being applauded and cursed ..its all his OWN. his OWN …
He claims no invaluable Love, No Invaluable Fame , No Invaluable Cash
The curses itself reveals his victory, which came out of the Jealous every weak have on the strong

He is being cursed for his Attitude, the same is seething a lot others like me to admire him.

Ramu…The Existence which is as real as LIFE…The Independence which is a Triumph…
Incidentally..Dec 31st is one of my two fav days, its my pleasure to pen down about my Fav Attitude….Ramu

All the questions I quoted as excerpts from his interviews are collected mostly from his blog

If interested to explore…. It drives you crazy….check it out…
Every post sounded worth reading…

With all the pride claiming myself to be his avid Fan.... :)
Bowing in front of the GUTS he got which is making him accept all his faluts without any impediment, Which is letting him believe in himself,which is making him live on his own terms ,which Infact is the Highest Achievement of any Human Being

-- Srujana


  1. Its really great attitude of Ramu which is very rare to find in Human beings..Hats Off to him...

  2. Well written Srujana..

    I've a confession to make. I loved Ramu for his movies initially and then began to hate him for his movies. That is until I read his blog and he blew my hatred away with his frankness and what you call his ATTITUDE. Now, I neither love him nor hate him. I just let him be. :)

  3. i m glad to know u exist and u still are living somewhere around me on the earth..