Monday, December 29, 2008

Raja’s Miracle…..Ilayanila… Thirst that never Ends….

Have you ever felt an unending thirst ????
Have you ever sensed your nerves dancing???
Have you ever experienced a Virtual Guitar in your hands???
If not….then listen to Ilayanila……
SPB…a special mention about this person….
Raja n SPB is the best combination ever possible….lot many songs can be listed to prove this…and Ilayanila tops the list….

Guitar and SPB voice competes to start this melody…..both in a mild tone…..
The third line both start rising in their own tones……
And then comes the MAGNIFICIENT interlude…….
The interlude which is as unique as RAJA…..
The interlude which instigates happiness in all the senses……
The descending Guitar......listening to which unknowingly heart and head swing together in the same note…
Even the people who don’t know anything about Guitar will start moving their fingers imagining the Fretboard(finger board) of guitar in hand….
Following with a heavenly flute…….sounding like answering the preceded Guitar's happiness….
Answering the guitar…Flute continues the tune in same happiness and much sweeter tempo……Haa…heavenly Flute…
The charge of sweetness is transferred from Flute to SPB …along with Bass guitar and drums accompanying him….
After a few minutes of sweet tenderness with the first charanam….Raja takes the charge of throwing our overwhelmed hearts from that charanam to the second interlude…
An other amazing interlude…..Raja…Raja..Raja..Raja….
Guitar …..Guitar…Guitar…..Playing the strings of heart…..Interlude goes on….
The last charanam becoming more sweeet with SPB’s mark of smile at one of the lines…….
Who else can compose this????????????????
Who else can sing this????????????????????
Melody King…..
Every time this track ends up very soon….. :)
Thirst never ends……
Nothing surprise that this track became a inspiration for many other musicians of whom composed “Neele Neele Ambar pe” in the similar tune in hindi…rendered by the great Kishore Kumar sir…….
Heard from few musician friends that…When they learn Guitar…when filmy musicians come for auditions to the colleges in search of Guitarists…The first and last test they ask them to under go is to play first interlude of Ilayanila…..
Ofcourse that’s a tough TEST..isint it :)
SPB in Asianet channel interview mentioned that… The Guitarist took 16 takes to complete this song recording…
Ofcourse that Rakshas might have composed this in no less than 16 minutes… Who knows??? After all he is GOD …..
Raja…Whose music obviously raises a urge to understand the lyrics once in a while….made me know the lyrics of this masterpiece even..
and it goes like this…..

Ilayanila poLigiradhe idhaiyam varai nanaigiradhe
The young moon is shining and it is cooling my heart (literal meaning is my heart is getting wet because of moon's shine)
Ula pogum megham kana kaanume ...vilaaa kaanume vaname
The clouds are going for a ride dreaming and the sky is celebrating a festival
Varum valiyil pani malaiyil paruvanila dhinam dhanaiyum ...mughil edhuthu mugam thudaithu vidiyum varai nadai paLagum
On the way the moon gets wet in the dew rain and it takes the clouds ,wipes it's face and learns to walk till day break.
Vanaveediyil mega oorvalam kaanum podhile aarudhal tharum.
On the sky's road there is a cloud procession and it's sight is very re-assuring.
Paruvamaghal vidigalile kanavu varum
Dreams comes in the eyes of a young girl

Ilayanilaaa poLigiradhe
Ula pogum megham kana kaanume ...
vilaaa kaanume vaname
Ilayanilaaa poLigiradhe
Mughilinangal alaigiradhey mugavarigal tholaindhanavo?
The clouds are going in all directions..have they lost their addresses ?
Mugavarigal tavirayadhal aludhidhumo adhu malaayo
Having lost the address,will they cry and is it the rain??
Neela vanile velli odaigal ooduginradhey enna jadhaigalo
There are a lot of silver streams in the blue sky what do they depict ?
Vinvivaliyil vidhaithadhuyaar navamanigal
Who sowed the 9 stones on the sky !!!!


  1. You've no clue, what this means to me! THANK YOU A TON!

    I mean penning down the excitement triggered by a song is one thing, but being considerate to get that in english was a huge favour.


    1. ilayanila pozhigiradhe meaning is moon is showering coolness, not moon is shining. pls dont spoil the meaning of the great song.

  2. Very well said about the raja and SPB. This song is just an awesome number in their combination. I have heard this song several times but never knew the exact meaning. Thanks a lot for the translation. I guess there is a Telugu version too for this one. remember hearing it a while ago.

    --Venu Srikanth

  3. Just today morning, while coming to office, listened to geetanjali songs and was thinking abt raja and SPB combination.. and was still in the same mood... Thanks purnima for giving me the link.. and this has telugu version.. but couldnt recollect now.. very nice post..

  4. "…..Playing the strings of heart….."

    Well, this phrase carries so much of meaning. An awesome song and so does your consideration/interpretation soul of this song. It is more alike a country genre song with dominance of different guitar elements. Talking about its eminence, even after 25 + years, it sustains same urge and vibes and thus, this spick and span free-flowing narration {read it as words from soul} as if for a much awaited new released song.

    True, the interludes and postlude are as one of the guitar modules at Madras music college. You bet!

    Chandrasekar sir had played Classical guitar,
    Sadha sir had played Lead guitar and
    Sasi sir had played Bass guitar.
    Vijumanuel sir had played the synth.
    SPB is an angel {when writing this, poththi vacha prelude is being played at my end - wink}.
    Yup, He is inbetwixt God and normal human being {alike me}.

    Infact, musician worked on this song neva expected, it would be a smashing hit song. After this song, they started working on other songs without any botheration for this song. For the first time in indian cine history, cut-out of a composer was kept on 100th day...!


    ~~Raaja rules!

  5. Hii love this song very much ..especially.. that guitar music... although i dont know tamil .. i listen to ilayaraja songs very much
    thank u

  6. really good job. i wish there was more sites like this where i could get the translations of tamil songs. i love tamil music (esp ilayaraja's) but don't understand the meaning of many lyrics although i know the lyrics. thank you and cheers

  7. Intoxicating...That's all I can say.
    Epic analysis of an epic song!!

  8. This song indeed mesmerises one's senses..
    Thanks for the meaning and the write up.. Myself, a thirty year old and my 5 year old son loves it alike.. The music is eternal and is sure to enthrall people belonging to all generations.

  9. was watching raja sirs music show for dhoni movie and heard the song and googled it and watched it watched it watched it watched it watched it watched it watched it watched it watched it watched it ..... and watched it ....and downloaded from youtube and heard it heard it heard it heard it heard it heard it.....and goes on "wat a song rajaji" i heard the song in telug being andhrite cant stop to say it is better in tamil thou telugu is okay but tamil is soothing just want to die hearing this song

  10. forgot to tell i watched the movie its in youtube also what a movie(ran for morethan 500 days)and read about mohan actor and his records about 3 movies in same theater complex ran for 100 days never broke by any actor in any language.
    p.s for last 2 hrs this song is playing repeat in my work place

  11. A very nice song. The translation in English is quite lyrical. I can only imagine the original Tamil beauty. Thanks a lot.

  12. Very nice song and good translation.

  13. Mindblowing!!! Thx for the writeup and much wanted translation...

  14. Very nice explanation, I can read as many as explainations from different persons for this song.

    I Love the best combination Raja Sir and SPB Sir!!!

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  16. Thanks a lot:) I can enjoy the song much more as I now get a glimpse of the lyrical beauty hitherto eluded me.

  17. Thank you for translating :) You are a polyglot. I can learn from you! I have always liked southern movies.

  18. Can any body say.. Actually who played the original version of the guitar interlude of this song

  19. Can any body say.. Actually who played the original version of the guitar interlude of this song

  20. Can any body say.. Actually who played the original version of the guitar interlude of this song

  21. ilayanila pozhigiradhe meaning is moon is showering coolness, not moon is shining. pls dont spoil the meaning of the great song.