Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dark can admire Light

Inspite of all the wonderful things given to man...they often tend to forget the Light in themselves...
May be i am not an exception for that...
Always Humans thinks that GOD has given me alot of problems and ofcourse one alone can understand the pain he is going through...
May be true.. But when one can see what Real DARK means..then probably life becomes colorful to maximum extent...
Today, Early in the morning, was standing 20 steps behind the Bus stop, waiting for my company bus ... observed a Woman standing on the pavement,she was there staring at people from past 20 minutes, she cannot see me as i am behind her, after 30 mins of vexation in waiting for the bus, i went few steps ahead because of which she came to see me and started giving those same keen staring looks which she was passing from past 30 minutes , towards all the people crossing her.
i was really suprised to see her looks which had a intention of knowing something from the person whom she was staring at.
She waved at me when i was about to move from that place, i was just curious to know what she wanted to talk, as by then she was trying to talk to alot of people who were crossing by.
I went to her with a frown on my face and asked her "What?", she asked me.."Are you about to go to that end of the road? if so then can you please help me in crossing the road, as i cant see properly".
Bound for a minute, i was silent and then responded back telling that , yeah sure, i dont mind,please come along with me.
Was making her hold my hand and was walking along with her, as it was Chouraasthaa...need to cross 2 busy crossings at a time.
She started telling me, "Sorry to bother you, i think you are not about to cross the road..isint it??, i was trying to cross from past half an hour, but couldnt find any one who are crossing the road, as you were anyways looking at me, i got a chance to wave at you, or else i wouldn't have bothered you."
It obviously ticked me. I asked her,"i have been observing you from past a few time, so many people crossed the road and infact they crossed you as well, you should have asked them which would have saved you from standing there for so long time"
she said "may be, but the problem is, i can see only objects which are close to 2-3 steps from me, and by the time i recognize , people will leave"
After going to that edge,she waved me back saying a Thanks and a Happy New year.
Feeling is Different from Knowing...
I always know that people are there with alot of more problems than me, but i never FELT the same.Today i felt it
She was waiting for someone to come, just to cross a road, she is compelled to depend on someone, irrespective of her selfesteem, she has to Depend,sounded very pathetic.
I am not at all feeling pity about her physical disorder, but for sure her Helplessness is something Quite Pathetic... Seeing that DARK...my Admiration to LIGHT increased

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