Sunday, December 13, 2009


After along time, again a movie compelled me to write down something at this late hour. I always gave a deaf ear to the complimants given to Big b... I never ever felt him amazing other than in few of the films. Now, today , i was awestruck with his unbelievable performance. He is simply superb and unbelivablelly cute,Yes he is cute as Auro in this film.
Special mention about R.Balki , the director of my fav film "Cheeni Kum", he got his own kind of style with the dialogues which are making his films subtle n sweet.
ILayarja's Background music...
Vidya Balan's ease....
The pleasantness of the environment ....
The cool Screenplay...
The perfect Abhishek bacchan...
The realistic cinemautography....
Loads of emotions...Subtle Experssions...
Tilt of humour...Loads of Fun..
collectively are called "PAA" .......
Dont miss it :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Music is Dangerous too......

“life is very short , filled with so many beauties around that, one’s whole life will not be sufficient to feel everything” this is what my aunt used to tell me always….. Whenever petty issues are bothering me to a larger extent, I am often reminded of this.
Last day was one such day and I was in a very big mood off… was reluctant even to move..just wanted to lie down and cry until I realize what actually my problem is  ( Heard somewhere that, 99% of the times , people don’t understand actually what’s their problem is all about )…. Got down from train and was listening to some music all through the journey….
Somehow as soon as I got down…coming out of my bothering thoughts..felt like listening to one of the very famous tamil compositions of Ilayaraja “Pani Vizhum” which is always marked a star in my collection..
Tuned the IPOD to play it, and went out to take out my Bike from the stand. Usually as soon as I get onto the bike I will switch off the IPOD and keep it back in the handbag for all vivid reasons…
I was then very reluctant to stop that track… So just started the bike with headphones helping out in drinking that running mellifious melody… my sad face started turning its colors….
My heart started pounding and my mind was still thinking about the running issues…
IPOD got tuned to Geetanjali songs… Howcome Raja composed them in that way…. Even after 20years still every track is fresh and special….
My heart succeeded in shutting the doors of mind… was completely into the track and was literally jumping on the bike moving head here and there along with the Hands which made my bike go on a twist and turn kind of ride on the road as if I am alone on the road…..

Till now I know Ilayaraja as GOD of music…but last day he also made me understand that he can be dangerous and be a reason for road accidents

Imagine the pleasant morning.. You wake up and open the eyes to see the running sun into the room….yawning..rubbing your eyes get up searching for your IPOD and switch on “Aamani Paadave” which starts with the chirp chirp of birds bringing the pleasant humid breeze atmosphere into the heart…. Melodious magnificent balu voice…tantalizing flute … with the changing seconds ..morning is becoming more pleasant leaving more and more enthusiastic day ahead….
After a teird and disturbed day…..
When you are on the bed resting …. Your speakers are playing “Om Namaha” for you… balcony door is slightly opened and chilled breeze wants to play with your ears along with the playing track….
You are unaware of the reason behind the excitement running in the veins and nerves….is it the wind or is it the Track….listening with your 3 ears..third being your heart….
Opened door of the heart started singing along …… at the last ..a big sigh and disappointment on the sooner completion of the song……
Slowly… completely …. Getting into the lap of sleep…still ears lingering the same beat and melody…..Unforgettable Balu voice……

Oh there we are…on our way going into a another pleasant morning with Music…
With Ilayaraja…..

If he is GOD then Music is a Religion

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Rajesh Khanna’s Anand….
Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Anand……
Amitabh Bacchan’s Anand…..
Salil chowdary’s Anand….
Gulzar’s Anand…..
Mukesh’s Anand…..
Yogesh’s Anand…..

The real hero’s of this film are ..Rajesh khanna..Gulzar ,Salil chowdary and Hrishikesh…for their wonderful action, dialogues ,music and Story respectively.

Story starts with a Young doctor Bhaskar Banerjee ( Amitabh Bacchan) who is very passionated towards his profession and Nation as well. Unhappy with everything around..Starting from the patients ill health to the poverty around….his anguish comes out of his helplessness to save people around…
Very short tempered,irritated,silent young doctor..who always vent his anger on the pages of his diary…..
Dr.Kulkarni( Ramesh Deo) friend of Bhaskar who is a cool and composed person who knows to be a roman at Rome….Keeps on making money from rich for whom a assurance of one or the other health issue should be there every time ,which is a kind of medicine for them….
But Kulkarni is so kind hearted that, he takes care of all the patients who are poor and needy…..
On one fine day kulkarni tells Bhaskar that their common friend at Delhi who is again a doctor, referred a cancer patient to him, who is a friend of his, and he will be with them for another few months as he is orphan and would like to stay in Mumbai.
When Bhaskar comes to know that the patient is in the last stages of cancer and would have his last breath at any time, gets pissed off because of that non medical aid cancer which can be recognized only at the last stages and when diagnosed will get nothing much to do other than waiting for the death of the patient.
Right at that moment, Anand ( Rajesh khanna) steps in…with a white paijama and a bag, waving to Dr.Kulkarni ( Whom he met already at his doctors place)…. Addressing him as “Dosth……” …..the entrance of Anand is more like a strong cyclone….he goes on talking talking talking talking…listening to whom we feel breathless for a 2 mins he talks more than 1000 lines….about everything ..Starting from how are you…to the point where in he irritates Bhaskar …and ends up in impressing bhaskar in the very next few seconds…
When he enters..Dr.Kulkarni and Bhaskar will be discussing about his health condition by seeing his X-Ray.. knowing which Anand in his style starts cracking jokes. by asking “Tell me what’s going on…what is the name of my problem….” , Bhaskar as he is already heavy hearted to see a person in front of him, who is going to die in no time, gets irritated with Anand’s behavior and shouts on him asking “What do you want to know??
Anand answers in a very innocent yet sensible way by telling “ It means that I am in my last stages and will die very soon, and more pathetic thing is even you will die after 60 use…for sure you will die”
If this sounds pretty dramatic when you read this, then the fault is mine but not of the director or actor as it is perfectly portrayed in the film ,if not penned in this blog.
Story goes on and Anand with his funny and mischievous behavior makes you laugh along with him … you will forget for a while that you are watching a film.
Time comes in where in he gets close to everybody around…starting from the doctors to just any other person going on the road…
A special mention of a concept in this story is…
Anand when goes on road….simply goes ahead and will pat on any person on the road and will say “Murari laal… bhulgayaa hamko” ( did you forget me murari laal? )… when the person tries to deny his identity as murari laal…he will still seriously try to make him reminded of their acquaintance which doesn’t exist in the first place….
After a few time he will say to the other person.. okay let it be..though you are not murari laal..still we now know each other right? So now give me a shake hand and lets become friends…
But the way he pats on the back of ppl is something which makes every one for a moment to believe “if he really knows him?”
At one instance when he is with Dr.Bhaskar and when he does the same… Bhaskar asks him why he wants to do it when the guy is denying the identity…
Then answers Anand.. on the first hand I don’t know anybody by the name murari laal… but dosth..did this ever happen to you that you get to see somebody and you don’t like them at all for no reason..and at the same time you see some ppl whom you know nothing about but still want to talk to them , pat them get closer to them for a while???
It happens with me when I see for ppl whom I feel like talking ..i do go and is very short so obviously it should be made sweet sweeter and sweetest

Some of the many heart touching dialogues …..
“Zindagee badi honee chaaheeye babu mushaair…lambhi nahi” ( Life should be big but not long)

Music of this film is to be mentioned especially as it carries a feel which you can never ever forget in your lifetime
Lyrics ofcourse make a difference….or rather add’s flavor to the wonderful music given by Salil chowdary sir…
The lyrics were written by Gulzar (Maine tere liye, Na jiya jaye na and the poem Maut tu ek kavita hai) and Yogesh (Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye and Zindagi kaisi hai paheli).

At the last….Anand dies of Cancer….of course as expected….But when he dies….he will make you cry for sure..
I have seen friends who on listening to me about this said..No way, I will not cry…and I made all of them watch this film….They cried ….some for a moment..Some for a while….some with floating eyes..some with pounding hearts

Recently I made all my friends watch this along with me, they met Anand, they liked Anand and they cried on his death….
The CD came to an end but none of us were ready to make the first move, everyone sat at their places, knowing nothing lucid about the running emotion of that moment. Everybody were wiping tears and feelings. Then Rang my mobile which killed the silence….

That’s Anand… Babu mushaaairrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MEDIA...The Misused Weapon

Media..The One Weapon which alone can fight all the Powerful things of world....
Media..The Weapon when used properly yeilds fruitful results
Media..The Weapon when misused creates horrible DESTRUCTION
My Indignant towards Media started when i got to see lot of FUSS its making out of everything thats useless...
When some blind school girls are raped and assaulted, it was not a big news….
When Amitabh Bacchan had a leg sprain..its a news…
When Chennai Law college students were bet to death,it was not a big news….
When RamGopalVarma visited Taj…It was a news…
Let me list out 2 incidents just to give a Example…...
Satyam….What a FUSS it was…..
I work in a building which is quite next to Satyam BPO…
The day when Ramalingaraju resigned, with in no time, all the media gathered over there in front of that building….
Security Gaurds were ordered not to allow any one from media into the premises…
They all waited for along time standing infront of the Building…
Cameraman and Photographers who havent had much work to do,started taking snaps of all the people,who were coming out from Satyam building…
Obviously employees will come out for a break and will stay out of the building and will have a cigar ….
Snaps of those employees were captured
As its Satyam BPO…employees will be coming in shifts and female employees while going back through their cabs, will have their scarfs arouns their faces to save themselves from the pollution around… So even on that day, they had their scarf’s and came out from the building after their working hours and were getting into cab’s…
Snaps of them were captured and published in many news editions stating that “Satyam Employee are hiding their identities inorder to escape from Media”….

The fact MEDIA needs to understand is, though Ramalingaraju resigns..though he is going to rule the whole IT industry..Though he is going to make a fraud…Still the Hyd pollution remains the same and one needs to use scarf to protect themselves from having a hair loss n Skin Problems :) …..
We do understand that poor media was anxious to write something about Satyam on the very day, and they were neither allowed to intreview anyone from satyam nor permitted to get into the premises….But that dosent mean that they are free to scribble anything they want to…..

Coming to TAJ terrorist attacks…
A really intresting stuff to write about….
I never deny the fact that few news editions like Eenadu( Telugu) and The Hindu wrote quite sensible stuff about these attacks..digging into details on how these people were able to get into the state and what were the hinderances for police to stop those on so forth….
But the same media made a MESS of Ramgopal varma visiting TAJ……
Why is it a news at all??? Media was so intrested in telecasting this piece of information in all possible ways….
Wrote that RamGopalVarma is going to shoot a film on this Terrorist attacks for which he wanted to visit Taj Aftermath…..
Which ofcourse Ramu defied in his blog…
For a while, lets believe that what all Ramu was accused for was true, still a simple question…
When Thousands of people were brutally killed over there
When So many commando’s lost their lives in battles
When Politicians are spewing their venom ….
In between all these vultures RamGopalVarma visiting TAJ a bigger issue to be talked about?????????????
If media believes that they are Zapping injustice by writing about such incidents making them to be issues…
Then let me ask Media to take a challenge……If you really believe in yourself and if you really have the real GUTS then undress the injustice that’s prevaling in all the sectors of Government and all the parts of world..
Make a noise on behalf of people who are being brutally killed for no reason
Make a noise on Bribe which is a big conspiracy
Make a noise and bring the awareness in people about lot many prevaling issues of the country which needs immediate attention
Make a noise about the black money all over the country which if used properly erases poverty of the country for next 100 years…

Write down all the facts about land mafia…
Write down all the facts about whats happening with Govt and oppositions

Once I heard Abdul Kalam Sir talking about Media and he was saying , “I am always surprised on why our Media highlights news which are negative, than news which is positive.” He was stating some country and was telling that “ I got to see a big disaster happened over there, and the next day paper had some positive information of their country winning something in the front page. The news on disaster was there in second and third pages, this helps to keep the people spirits”
May be he is true….
Along with FACTS..positive writeup on the issue will raise the spirits of people.
A simply example is Satyam issue…
Other than giving facts, Media succeded in threating people by writing down that, “Heavy layoff’s is expected, Infosys declared that they will not hire people from satyam, So many clients are planning to withdraw their contratcs from satyam , TCS INOFSYS WIPRO are going to be benefited with this issue”

That’s called as Media HYPE….
Facts are…
• Satyam got 53000 employees ..out of whom close to 13000 are ghost employees…which makes the count come to 40000 employees.
Satyam declared a layoff of 10% which counts to 4000 employees
And that amount of layoff’s are already happening in most of the companies through out the IT world as part of recession.
• Infosys was in a plan to acquirw Satyam,after this incident they dropped the plan of acquiring Satyam and stated the same. Neither spokesperson from infosys nor Narayanamurthy never declared there disintrest in hiring Satyam employees
• All the clients of Satyam are there with this organisation from quite a long time… The Accounts may be Fake…Ramalingaraju’s profit declaration may be fake…But the amount of work they delievered is not fake…The fortune 500 clients they had was not fake….Their expertise in IT field for close to 25yrs is not fake….
The client who can understand this will not be going back from satyam, anxious and panic clients may go which may not be a big deal though it affects to an extent.

Apparently, all these facts were hidden by Media for their own solace….
If these fatcs would have been kept in front of the country the very first dayitself..then may be the ERP ratings wouldn’t have increased to that level for News channels as well as editions….

Economic crisis…Keep writing on this…but also do write about the +ve steps being taken or need to be taken to comeout of this….
+ve waves always work……

Dear Media,

Aishawarya Rai is going to marry Abishek bacchan….
Salman Khan wants to have 10kids now….
Will Saifalikhan marry Kareena?
Zero Size of Kareena is the hot topic in Bollywood…
SoniaGandhi is going to have dinner today at XYZ resturant…
Abhinav Bindre is now brand ambassador for Plasma TV …..

Please keep writing all those sensless news which is going to help you increasing your ERP ratings…
There are people who look for those kind of stuf..please satsisfy them too as you need to be good commerically ….( No sarcasam)

A normal citizen’s indifference is of no consideration..
But the same indifference from a Intellectual is untolerbale mistake….
Being a good intellectual..[
With your pen….
Instigate the Youth..
Instigate thirst for loyality….
Instigate the burning blood which alone can WIN the odd’s…..
You are into a mode of communication which is more powerful than it looks…
You can be the real HERO’s by bringing out the TRUTH……

You do have your own limitations which is very much acceptable..But don’t we think its better to be loyal to ourselves and to the country than to manipulate????

Don’t make even the sensible people make the statement “MEDIA SUCKS”


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Raja's Miracle~~~Thendral Vandh

Have you ever been to mountains ...walking all the way from a mountain hill to a lake shore....????????
Come i will take you along with me to a melodious walk "Thendral Vandh"........
Just by sitting at your place Raja makes you walk on to the top of a mountain hill .....
Drizziling with flute in the interludes......
Violin stealing the beauty of the song......
Heart dancing on the mountain....looking all around to find tabla taking the responsibility of making your stay on the mountain more memorable and cherishable..........
Walk goes on from mountain to the lake at the foot of mountain, along with Janaki and Yesudas ...bringing out the beauty of this track..........

Once i was talking to one of my tamil friends, was telling her "I always felt a Humid breeze when ever i listen to this track", to my suprise, she told me that, the first 2 lines of this song meant that only...
"Thendral Vandh".."Humid cool breeze"......
Raaja Again got succeded in communicating with his listeners through a langague by itself "Music".....

Song: Thendral Vandh
Singers: Janakamma, Yesudas Sir.

With all tears.....a very sweet Kiss to Raja....Raja in what ever he does....

Raja's Miracle.....Pani Vizhum...

The Very First time when i listened to this song...I was reenergized with aloooooooooot of Strength....
Sounded like a perfect blend of classical and western music with the timely instrumental mix.....
Journey starts with a mild breeze of violin and SPB sir.......
Miracle happens when Raja makes you feel a drive on a pleasant road on a Foggy morning....

The end of pallavi....takes your journey onto a slope..going down with tabla...and coming up again with a Violin wind…,Taking us ahead on the road of happiness along with him………..

Journey goes on and on ….body swinging along with the tune…..heart singing along the track……… Flute bringing the flavor……
SPB sir’s mild laugh adding more beauty to the journey of Pani Vizhum…..
Head keeps on nodding in all the directions through out the journey……

This is what every time this awesome track makes me feel….
I would like to go on so many other journeys as such along with him…as he is Raja..Raja in what ever he does

Song :pani vizhum malarvanam
Film: Ninaivellaam Nithya
Singer: Melody King SPB

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raja's Miracle~~ Nirantharamu Vasanthamule.....

1000's of writers would have praised the beauty of SUNRISE
1000's of writers would have wrote alot about glorious MOON
1000's of writers would have expressed what LOVE is
1000's of writers would have acclaimed "Nirantharamu Vasanthumule"
but none would have succeded in penning down what all they feel.....
When i am asked to write about this soul stirring composition....
I can write 1000000000's of articles ending up with aloot of still unexpressed feelings......
Early in the the midst of foggy road...walking along with this track...May be thats what so called "Heaven" is :)
Everytime you listen to this song... You will be rediscovering.....
One time....The Prelude having those amazing violins making out a pleasent breeze will flatter you....
Other time...The tabla counter point will drive you nuts
An other time.....Mellifluous Balu n Janakamma voices will make you take a long breath....
ALl the time .....The tune will be seething you
Every time....This tune keeps on getting injected into your veins....blood....nerves....passing on to your heart...Permeates through out the soul....
Always will be quite reluctant to tune other song.....
Thats called Raja's Miracle....
Who is Ilayaraja?????????????? :P

Raja...Raja in What ever he does....

First Step....Who Will Take it???????????

Local Train......
Female Compartment .. A mix of 70% Males, 30% Females....Remaining 50% females on the platform with a sad face, couldnt get into the train,cursing themselves for their fate all the time.
This is the scene i see reguarly in Local Trains....
Train stops at every stop for 1 min and all the male people will be hanging at the entrance because of which all females obviously cant get into the compartment.
Result is, will remain waiting for the next train.
Everyday, i get aggrevated when i see males getting into female compartment…
Used to pass on my serious looks at them…Who ever comes to see me will for sure come to understand that I am cursing to max extent…..
Few days ago, in a heavy rush train got to see few males of 25-30yrs having quite a good amount of fun in ladies compartment…
Couldn’t resist, in that heavy rush took my step ahead and blasted them.
So this funda goes on daily…
But today in the evening when I am coming back from Office….
When the train stopped, I found it real hard to get into the train, as it stops only for 1 min and there are more than 20 ppl rushing to get into the train, when the entrance door is heavily filled with people standing….
Somehow struggled and got into the train and found 2 things to my surprise.
One is , it is half filled with males standing at the entrance.
Second is, the rest of the compartment is having lots of place to stand, inspite of which people were standing at the entrance and making it tough for other people to get into.
Sudden rush of anger…….
Stood with a red face looking at all the males stood over there…..
Then came a girl……
Lean..Fair complexioned tall girl….
Took the FIRST STEP…….
Very confidently started calling all the males and saying “Next station, get down from this compartment and get into the general compartment, Hope you are not a female to get into female compartment”
In a very confident tone ofcourse……
Simultaneously, she started asking all the people standing at the entrance , “Where do you want to get down?”
“Sec Station“
“Come back, Sec station is far, you need not stand at the entrance , on the way, not giving way to people getting in”
She was keeping on talking to people and telling them how important it is to make sure that they give way to people who are getting in as the train stops only for 1 min and the next time comes only after 30 mins.
She also made sure that all the males got down.

It was okay this time as ppl heard her, but there will be people who will not hear to her, on the contrary may shout on her……..
But she will be keeping on telling so that atleast few people will listen to her and from the next time will make sure not to repeat that….
To be precise, she got nothing to do with anything over there..But it was her social responsibility that made her take the FIRST STEP……
I am reminded of the song written by Famous Telugu Lyricist( My Fav) Sirivennela Seetramasastry Sir....

Evaro okaru epudo apudu..nadavaraa mundugaa ato ito eto vaipu

One or the Other or tommorow....
Should take the first step,either this way or that way

modati vaadu eppudoo okkadey mari......
first person is always One
modati adugu eppudoo vontarey mari.. venuka vacchuvaallaku baata ayinadi..

First Step is always Alone…Becoming the way for the people who follow

kadalaru evvaroo vekuva vacchina anukoni kodi kootha nidarapodugaa.. jagathiki melukolupu maanukodugaa
Hen is not sleeping assuming that none will move though its morning……It didn’t stop waking up the world

modati chinuku sootikaa dooki raanidey..mabbu kongu chaatugaa vodigi dhaagite.. vaana dhaara raadhugaa nela daariki..praanamantu ledugaa brathakataaniki..

Until the first rain drop comes without hiding behind the cloud..Rain will not be able to come to earth..which is lifeliner for human beings…

chedharaka podugaa chikkani cheekati….miNuguru rekka chaatu chinni kanthiki..daaniki lekka ledhu kalaratiri..
( here the author was referring to the Fly which by nature gets a light kind of glow in its wings that glitters in the nights)
The small fly is making it possible with his small inbuilt light to bring light in the dark at least for a while..That fly doesn’t care for dark nites

pedhavi pramidha nilapani navvu jyothini..reppa venaka aapani kanti neetini…saagaleka aagithe dhaari tarugunaa? jaali choopi theeramey dariki cherunaa..?
Behind the lip let the Light of Smile flourish…Stop the Rain of sorrow behind the lip….Failing and stopping in btw the journey will not reduce the way….Will the Shore come to you out of mercy for your helplessness?

yugamulu saagina ningini taakaka…yegasina alala aasa alasipodugaa…otami oppukuntoo aagipodhugaa

from years together though the waves are not able to reach the sky, still they haven’t yet accepted their Failure and still keep on trying..

entha vedi endakaa ollu mandithe..antha vaadi aavirai velli cheeradha..antha goppa sooryudu kallu mooyada..nalla mabbu kammitey challbaaradaa..?

How hot may be the sun..atlast those hot winds will evaporate…
Even the great sun is closing his eyes & becoming cool once the cool moon comes

In between her work in the train :) she got few time to talk to me where in came to know few things about her like...her name is "Subhadra" and she works for Value Labs....Hyderbad

Be the change you want to see in the world………..
Take the First Step……..
Ofcourse from a tiny issue as this to a bigger issue as VOTING your leader who is going to Lead the COUNTRY…..

Miracle of SubConscious Mind

The Alchemist
Read this Novel very long back….
Choice of books always varies from person to person…and of course perception plays a bigger part in liking or disliking a book….
Particularly this Novel proved my theory…
Being a book bee, got few friends in the circle who are the same , When discussions used to go on books…every one were astonished to know that I never read Alchemist…..That’s how I happened to read it…

Story in Brief…
There lives a shepherd who is safe and sane with his work and earnings, he is in love with a wool shop owner daughter and dreams/plans to get married to her.
A continuous dream taunts him daily, a dream which contains a small boy telling this shepherd to go to Egyptian pyramids where he can find a treasure with which he can lead his next life very luxuriously…
Initially he will be very skeptic to go ahead with that dream…he goes to a female who is capable of interpreting dreams, and he asks her to interpret this dream and guide him accordingly. For that she demands half of the treasure he is going to get, which makes him take his step back.
Later on, the dream becomes a continuous dream, coming every night.

He happens to meet a stranger who encourages him to go ahead with his dream and reveals himself to be the King of some xyz kingdom.
King’s instigation works and Shepherd sells away his sheep and with the money he is set on the journey.
To go to Egyptian pyramids, he need to stop ahead before and from there as no conveyance is available; he needs to go by walk.
After reaching that stop, he will be fooled by some thief’s and remains with no single penny.
Curses himself for coming so long based on dream..but later on will determine to go ahead, starts working in a glassware shop for more than a year.
With the savings he is again set on the trip to Pyramids.
There he will be not able to find any treasure as dreamt but will be caught by thief’s who again will take away his unused savings .
One thief, on knowing that Shepherd is there from a long place, asks him why he was there….
For which shepherd is compelled to tell his story of dream, listening to which the Thief will start laughing and will tell him that some time ago even he had a dream of having treasure somewhere in the east beneath the tree of a shepherd’s home.
Listening to which shepherd will feel delighted as he now understood where his treasure actually is.
That’s where story comes to an end.

Somehow I didn’t like this novel at all. I hold a quite different opinion from rest of all readers of this novel I found till date. Haven’t found anyone till date who said that they found this novel bore, on the contrary this is found to be the most inspiring novels and best work of Paul Coelho which taught to chase the dream to yield it.
When thought deep, may be Paul Coelho wanted to tell the same and succeeded in telling the same as a lot of people understood that, but inspiration and motivation is something which is very subjective and varies from person to person. Again depends on the level of strength one have when it comes to Inspirational and motivational works.
In discussions, I heard different opinions from friends, a set of friends who like inspirational & motivational books and a set for whom to inspire & motivate the novel needs to be speaking in a very strong, unbeatable and impeccable way.
I too fall in the second set and I like authors who can really inspire as if Ayn Rand J

Why to Think Aloud about a book which doesn’t have anything to impress as such?
Is it to tell everyone not to read as you didn’t find anything much interesting in that?
Answer is a straight “No”.
Took this novel to write about, as it taught me a subtle way of psychology when thought in depth.
When 100 people say something to be right then of course it is becoming right.
If 10000 people say a book is good then the one person who don’t find it appealing starts thinking if he missed out anything in that, and as everyone is claiming that to be the best, maybe it is.

In my childhood, I happened to know about one Telugu Author Novels, his name is Gudipati Venkata Chalam, he is very famous for Feminism.
Thought of reading his works, but couldn’t, as my dad warn me not to.
I happened to see a lot of people or rather intellectuals talking about the inspiration chalam gave them.
That droved me to read his works and I started with THE BEST novel by the name “Maidanam” (Which meant Ground).
It is a very small book of close to 190 pages which I was able to complete in a stretch of 2 hrs.
Aftermath was a bit weird as I started feeling that I was there sitting in a Red light area for 2 hrs.
That’s how the novel was ( My stance) and I couldn’t find any point why it became a inspiration for so many so called intellectuals.
I have a friend who is highly intellectual, so my curiosities lead to ask him why and what he likes in Chalam works.
He answered, “Being a male, he is very open to feminism and the way he portrays”.
I was bewildered to listen to such a response from such a sensible person and asked him what book made him feel so and what all the books he read are.
Then he mumbled, I didn’t read much other than his Musings and that too for 40 pages.
Then I came to understand why Chalam became a famous writer and how.
Is he is a good writer or not is obviously pertains to one’s own perceptions but should not be just because someone else says it is.

The same theory of 100000 people claiming him to be the best.
My friend being sensible enough still was in an impression that chalam is a good author as everyone is applauding his work.
When I told him the story of Maidanam and asked him to tell me one point about feminism, he answered that he need to read it and confirm.
After reading, he even started wondering what made him think Chalam a good author.
So the Core physcology of on and average human being relies on the impression his brain got.
Subconscious brain…..It plays a major role….
How sensible a person may be, when he happens to listen continuously from people about some work to be the good, his subconscious brain receives those and forms a quite a good impression and that’s how one start like/dislike few things/people without any prior opinion

A better example is… I have a friend who hates some XYZ political party very much. When I asked why he hates, he couldn’t give a solid reason.
When thought he himself came out with an answer that, because from his childhood his family keeps on supporting some other party and opposes this XYZ party, it left an impression in his mind and that’s how it worked.

A simple question…
When Subconscious mind got that amount of strength..then there are many situations where in a lot of people say something is right which I find grossly wrong….then why all those people’s words couldn’t get hold of my Subconscious mind????
Because your brain was THINKING, this is more strengthened food for Subconscious mind… J

So as a sum up, the lesson was, don’t let any insensible statement takeover the subconscious brain.
Keep THINKING in all possible ways…..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Woods to World of Music

Dusk…. At a sea shore… sitting in the sand……watching all the waves ….. looking at the sun … Feeling the pleasantness to the possible extent…
That’s how I love to spend my evenings.. and that day I was enjoying my day as I always wish
Was listening to the wonderful music that’s being played by the waves of the sea ……
Enjoying that music in the twilight of SUN …..
Brain stopped functioning long back… its all heart…. Brain doesn’t have anything to do with my state of that moment….
Somewhere a mild music was being played…. A sudden excitement ….. it was a splendid tune …I was trying to figure out with what instrument is its being played..
Saxaphone??? Noooo
Flute??? Nooo
Bass Flute??? Nooo
Veena??? Certainly not…
Guitar…. Who knows….
Then what is that ..
Became desperate to find it out…
Stood up and started in search of the place from where its being played….
Walked altogether for 15 minutes to figure out the place….
Was shocked when I have seen that urchin …he was standing at the end of the shore and got several instruments in front of him….
He got a saxaphone… a flute… Guitar…. And a keyboard…
He is playing all simultaneously and was singing a old film song…..
People passing by him were staring at him for a while..clueless of his intention of standing there at such a public place and playing those instruments aimlessly.
I stood there mesmerized ..not sure for how more time I stood so…
Enjoyed each and every chord he played….
Came back to my senses when he stopped playing them…
Observed him for a while..he got brilliant and confident looks…
He was looking into the keyboard and was writing down something…might be westren staff notation
Other than the waves and its music….Nothing else was audible at that moment .
Breaking the silence, without raising his head from the book…without even stopping writing the notation… he started talking to me…
And the first thing he said was……
“Music and Nature are the best combination..Isint it, what do u say”
Without my knowledge, I responded to him with a “Yes”
The conversation continued for a while…
“I want to buy a Congo… but its expensive… will buy it one day….”
“okay… do u know how to play it?”
“hmm..never played it…can play once I get it”
“where are you learning music “
“from the nature”
“no traditional way of learning it?”
“thought of going to a music school or a college… but everyone wanted music to be paid”
“whats wrong in that… even that’s their livelihood..”
“nothing is wrong ..nothing is right…everything depends on perception”
“so you don’t want to learn in a music college only because they want you to pay”
“No,I cant afford”
“what do your parents do”
“Who knows? I was born to them but brought up on my own…., people call me Orphan.. i call it Freedom”
“Freedom from what? “
“How are they going to bother you”
“Affection …That is the root cause of all the suffering of man kind…, when you are not attached to anyone then you don’t get to see any pain”
“oh !! then are you not attached to anything”
“I am”
“To whom”
“Then you yourself are contradicting your philosophy…”
“Philosophy?? I even don’t know how to spell it”
“Smart enough to deviate “
“I am very much fine to answer you”
“would like to listen to that”

“Attachment towards a person lets you have the happiness of being with them, grief of having a rift with them, fear of loosing them….. , but attachment towards a art form as if can show you only Happiness, nothing else, no Greif, no pain, no fear.
passion towards an art will raise your energy levels to achieve something..feel something….
You can always feel music…it can always be yours …you don’t have a fear of loosing it… you don’t have a concept of having a rift.. only thing you experience is Happiness.Joy..Ecstacy….,
”Music --A Complete Bliss” that’s what I prefer to call“ “

“Then a positive attachment..isint it”
“might be”
“so what do you do for your livelihood”
“I work in coal mines, nearer to this place”
“where do you live”
“there in that woods”
“By any chance, Have you had your education??”
“Life taught me more than any school and college”
“So you call yourself educated”
“I don’t find a reason to think about that, education is not the criteria for intelligence”
“you sound quite philosophical, how old are you”
“not sure, might be 20, life is very short”
“why do u say that? You are hardly 20, and you have 50 more years to go with”
“Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”
“True, where did you get these instruments from”
“they are all mine, I bought it, from past 6 years I have done savings to get all this”
“that sounds very interesting, you got a great inclination towards music, from when do you have this interest”

“from the day when I have first seen a Kuku singing ,sitting on a tree, I felt it very melodious, I started imitating it… it started reciprocating… that’s how I started with Music.. my debut with a tune… Kuku taught me what music is…
Whenever I fail to find a good music teacher, she comes for me into those woods, early in the morning and she starts singing for me..
Giving me a lot of strength and assurance , I feel like she is trying to tell me “Music is not a language to be learnt …Music is not a subject to be taught… what all happens in Music Schools and colleges is ..people transferring what all they know about Music to people who feel they hardly know what music is…
I get reenergized…I feel happy about her.. and I gift her back with a tune..that I compose for her then and there itself”

“oh !! do you compose?? “
“Yes I do”
“how do you know the composition techniques?”
“Harmony, Pitch, Melody, chords.. these are all the technical jargons that you all educated musicians make use of
I am unaware of any such things…
A simple tune gets into my mind and I keep it on paper and will decide which instrument I can use for playing what…
That’s how I compose….”

“sounds interesting, but ,I have seen you writing down western staff notation”
“I don’t even understand what you said just now… you might have seen me writing down something few time ago and you would have mistaken that for something else”
“might be, then what is that you were writing”
“I just make a note of what all the tunes that came into my mind. I do maintain them on a paper and I write it the way i can remember”
“Then how come you even got to know those technical musical jargons? You said you are uneducated”
“Did i? “ he chuckled
“I think you did”
“ No madam, what all I said was, Life taught me more which I prefer to call education.
Well, I haven’t done any schooling but learnt from my senior at work, to read and write, felt that’s enough.
I wanted even that, to read some articles about musicians, which I do find in nearby musical stores.
I am exploring on ‘how to become a musician’ “

“oh!! Then do you want to become a film music director?”
“if films are the only media for my music to be exposed, then yes I want to do that initially
Later on, I have a lot of other plans as well, to let people have more wonderful music in much different ways, other than film music.
In our country, film music became the only medium for music, I will change that”

He sounded quite confident and determined while he said that.

I asked him “ do you know how difficult it is to get into film music, work there and withstand everything and prove yourself”

“7 years ago when I thought of playing an instrument, daily I used to go to Musical store where all instruments were on sale…I used to play them there for a while….. I dreamt of buying them.
When my friends at work came to know that, they sounded the way you did now, I was told how hard it is to buy everything and how difficult it is to make out time and learn music and how hard its to compose.
They even said that I know nothing about the genres and trends of music and its market now.
They talked about all the impossibilities, and I have seen all the possibilities
And now, I own all these musical instruments, and I own 89 tunes which are ready to be released for people who feel music”

“You sound very confident”

“that’s what drives you to your goal.
And achieving what you wanted to is the real bliss
I believed that I will buy them, I bought it.
I believed that, without any understanding about technical aspects of music, I can compose. I did
When ever I believe myself, I have done it
I made things possible
I overcome the difficulties and that’s how my rest of the journey will go
If I think I can, I can”

“I wish you all the best…”

“ Thank you.. wait for the day when you will see all the media rushing their headlines ‘A boy from Woods to World of Music.. ‘, a day when all the music stores will be out of stock for all of my albums, a day when film music is no more the alone medium for music, a day when trends in music inspires the youth, a day when people will come to know that ‘Believing oneself will turn all the impossibilities ,possible’ ”

I went speechless, felt a sudden jolt.
Breaking the silence, he started playing a tune on his keyboard.
Magnificent , all my senses felt the tune. Then, probably I came to understand why he sounded so confident. He got the caliber, and this world will come to know it soon.
At any time in my life, when I was down, when I felt defeated, when I really felt something is impossible, I was reminded of his words
‘Believing oneself will turn all the impossibilities ,possible’
And it always worked for me.
Every day in the morning, I wake up to see the paper with the head line “Woods to World of Music”
That day when everyone will come to know that ‘Believing oneself will turn all the impossibilities ,possible
I tune the Music channels to see the documentary on how a urchin tunrned into a World class Musician
From past 5yrs I am waiting for that day….…
I believe, that day is nearer and I will come to see him again and I will be the one rushing to the music stores to get his collection.
After all, he believes himself

NOTE: This is a work of Fiction....
Instigation behind this work is Ilayaraja and his attitude towards life..,but it bears no resemblance with anyone including Ilayaraja- The person who is the inspiration

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pity vs Self Esteem

Do you have any idea on the Best program of these days..raising the ERP ratings of Television channels????
None other than "Musical Competitions"....
So the competition became very heavy.. Not between the participants..but between the television channels
Inorder to withstand this competition..obviously one need to think more creatively...
One channel started a Little champs program which topped for few time..
That boom stopped when all the antagonists even started the same kinda shows.....
Now More creativeness is needed...and ETV came out with a Innovative thought and started a program
Judges.... Mohankrishna..Actress Laya....Lyricist Anantha Sriram
Innovation of this prg is ..all the participants of varied ages are BLIND and they will participate in this singing competition...

program will have 9 participants..whom they introduce with alot of PITY towards them....
Anchor will tell the name of the person and few shots will be shown at that participants home along with his family... They will shoot how that particular blind person walks holding the walls..or waving hands in air....
and the background music for these few snaps will be as pathos as possible
I seriously dont understand why they want to do all these idiotic things....

To be logical... Blind people are equal to any other human being..only that they cant them if they want you to...but why the hell they should have a separate program for Blind people all alone..They are equally good when compared to anyone else...
Only few blind people will have hearing problem..and that count will be very less
but all the participants were pretty okay and were singing as if anyother normal person...( for that even they are normal these TV people made them special..i took this way of usage)

The funny part is...THE JUDGES...
Judgment in Music competitions is subjected to happen in 2 ways..
One is to judge how good they are technically...mean to say...The Sruthi..Laya..Thaalam and raagam..
Second way is to Melodious they are when compared to others...
For the first , Judge needs to be good at Music...
For the second,Judge needs to be so passionated towards Music to differentiate between good and bad music being a sensible listener....

The 3 judges of this program may fall in the second category(?) but certainly not in the first category....
And an other thing is... Whatever the participants sings....They will keep on sang it perfectly...i couldnt control my tears...i cant explain in words..and all that nonsense...
Judge is a Judge...Logic should alone be the criteria for the judgment...certainly not Emotions....
By being emotional and giving comments..they are showing the so called PITY on them that they are blind..
but i dont think they themselves feel anything pity about themselves...
Inspite,they are So Self Esteemed that, they took the challenge of travelling so far and participate in a game show..irrespective of the pain they need to take to come so long...
That itself shows their Self Esteem which is being treated with alot of PITY by these Media...
One more Funny part of this program is...
One female singer sang in a improper way..for which one of the Judge took the pain of telling that, you need to work more..Good that he dared to give that suggestion...
Funniest part was..when the judges were commenting so...Camera will cpature the still moments of the participant..consoling gestures of the anchor...accompanied by a Pathos Violin background score...
What the HELL it meant??????
Being Blind dosent mean that they can sing improper and gain applaudes which is certainly not deserved...
yes i do accept that everyone will not be so strong enough to come and participate in the normal programs..and this particular program may give them strength and may encourage them to walk on to the dias..but that certainly dosent mean that they are expected to be given some PITY....
PITY and MERCY are for WEAK..but not for people with Disabilities...
This PITY and these Pathetic Violin BGM's and all those crap slow moments of all those programs are meant for People Who ,having blessed with everything still lacking SELF CONFIDENCE
It will be great if Judges can be more logical ( certainly not emotional)
and if those program managers can take some pain in understanding the difference between pity and selfesteem and stop all those crap things which are being done right now in the program..

I am skeptic if they want to do this program for ERP ratings...if not then certainly this should be a nice one if they can stop showing PITY towards them and start doing an other thing...
Continuing this program and selecting few final participants...
Conducting an other Normal Competition between people who are pretty normal..
and the final contest should involve the selected final participants of both the shows...
Then the real competition will happen...As BLIND are EQUAL to any other that competition will make them feel normal which is more essential and which gaurds their Self Esteem which is certainly important for any person....

Apart from all these...Few participants were Very good...Especially the participant who sang Mahapraana Deepam song...