Friday, December 19, 2008

Raja...One and only one Ilayaraja...


The name which sounds melodious….
The name which reminds me the wonderful Background scores of so many awesome films like Saagara Sangamam….Mouna raagam … April 1 vidudala…Aditya 369….
The Person who made people feel what Musical bliss is
The Person who made Indian Film Music a place to be with
The Person who made all the western musicians /composers feel what classical music is
The Person who is born with music … and brought life to music….
The SAINT who sat in the middle of noisy traffic road (Which is called as Film Commercial music) but was still chanting and brought out the divinity of Music with all the possible experiments in music
The person who was very clear about his GOAL at the age of 10
The Person who opted his passion as his profession
His 100% effort to reach his goal even after facing A LOT of hurdles in his journey
The first person from India to Give a Symphony in Royal Albert Hall London
Gold Medalist in Guitar from the Esteemed Institute “Trinity college of Music” London.
First person who started a lot of trends in Film music
A person who is pretty confident in making the statement “ I am born with Music and you are born with my Music”
The Only Music Director who Writes background scores without using any stop watch..which is a dream of all the MD’s
The one who brought a trend in Re Recording …Name itself is MUSIC, A synonym for Melody and a person who is often reffered to as Music Reincarnation and Music Encyclopedia
Shortly called as Isayagnani Ilayaraja

People call him ISaignani…But I take the pleasure of calling him Isaivignani (Scientist in Music)
For most of the people it happens like this....They may not be very particular about Raja...But if they list out all their fav songs....90 out of 100 will be of Raja's.. Thats Raja...When once we come to know that ..this list is all from one single person..then how can one stop admiring this Legend.......
Thats what happened even with me.....
My childhood when i used to like all his music ..starting from Geethanjali.....list goes on with Abhinandana..Saagara sangamam..Swathi muthyam...April 1 vidudala....Sri kanakamahalakshmi recording dance troop..Aditya 369....Swarnakamalam...oooooo this list goes on and on and on......
Born with his music ..brought up with his music..
i hardly know any techincalities of music ..other than the sapthswara's :)
I know alot of people who learned classical music... or any related instrument as such...including my mom.....
but what wud have drived them to learn music is..might be their parents or relatives or friends or ljdlkajfalfjlfjlsdj
but for me....though i used to sing from childhood..though i particapted in alot of competitions and won some good amount of prizes and at the same time lost a few because of some other competent classical singers....never ever i felt that i should learn music....
but this is the person who drived me nuts with his compositions and raised an urge in me to know how can he compose such wonderfull tracks.....
just that curiosity alone prompted me to get into music...that alone made me learn violin...
when ever i used to listen to some of his wonderful violin compositions like How to name it...Nothing but wind..or for that matter ..the track "Alli bhilli kala laa raave" from the film chettukinda pleader........i just wanted to play those on Violin.. that thirst alone made me learn violin..
that ecstacy alone made me know the techincal aspects of music.....
Whenever people used to call their fav celebrites to be GOD....i simply used to laugh......used to think..OKay..They do love them..fine ..good..but why do they want to compare a human being to GOD...senseless..pure senseles... :) this is what i thought until i came to know what Real Raja is.....
After knowing him to an extent..without my heart started telling "HE IS GOD"......then my brain had a wonderful discussion with my heart to just conclude why as of a sudden became GOD...
GOD is a person who has the ability to create
GOD is a exsistence who can make the living being cry....
GOD is a belief who can show the unseen world to a human being...
GOD is a strength who can make you happy .....
Raja is a person who can create music...can play with tunes...can dig into the sea of music
Raja is a exsistence who is making me cry all the time with his awesome compositions....
Raja is a belief who made me see the unseen world named as HEAVEN
Raja is a strength who always heals with his music....
SO according to theory of Mathematics.... Hence its proved that RAJA is GOD
When it comes to Raja...I can keep on writing...keep on talking ....SO many posts yet to come in this blog... :)


  1. Its too Good ..AWESOME ..

    Waiting for few more postings ..

  2. Howdy!

    Yup, it's my privilege to read your blog. Again, ya've stolen my words. It has been an amazing initial step-up. Well, our anticipation is high onto your blog. Hoping that ya'd make it out surpass all our expectations. You bet!

    My best wishes for your new blog! Have a good one!

    You rule lady! {smile}


    ~~Raaja rules!

  3. Hi Srujana!

    Excellent post! Fantastic reasoning for calling Him 'God'! Also, it is nice that you have woven facts with your experiences with His music so beautifully in this article! Keep writing! Do post this blog's link to our Yahoo group as well, so that more people get to read it and enjoy the experience!

    Yours Always Musically,

  4. Great Tribute to the Isaignani!
    While on this, pls read my tribute piece on Ilayaraja - "Ilayaraja 1000!!!"
    Feedback most welcome.