Thursday, August 6, 2009

Music is Dangerous too......

“life is very short , filled with so many beauties around that, one’s whole life will not be sufficient to feel everything” this is what my aunt used to tell me always….. Whenever petty issues are bothering me to a larger extent, I am often reminded of this.
Last day was one such day and I was in a very big mood off… was reluctant even to move..just wanted to lie down and cry until I realize what actually my problem is  ( Heard somewhere that, 99% of the times , people don’t understand actually what’s their problem is all about )…. Got down from train and was listening to some music all through the journey….
Somehow as soon as I got down…coming out of my bothering thoughts..felt like listening to one of the very famous tamil compositions of Ilayaraja “Pani Vizhum” which is always marked a star in my collection..
Tuned the IPOD to play it, and went out to take out my Bike from the stand. Usually as soon as I get onto the bike I will switch off the IPOD and keep it back in the handbag for all vivid reasons…
I was then very reluctant to stop that track… So just started the bike with headphones helping out in drinking that running mellifious melody… my sad face started turning its colors….
My heart started pounding and my mind was still thinking about the running issues…
IPOD got tuned to Geetanjali songs… Howcome Raja composed them in that way…. Even after 20years still every track is fresh and special….
My heart succeeded in shutting the doors of mind… was completely into the track and was literally jumping on the bike moving head here and there along with the Hands which made my bike go on a twist and turn kind of ride on the road as if I am alone on the road…..

Till now I know Ilayaraja as GOD of music…but last day he also made me understand that he can be dangerous and be a reason for road accidents

Imagine the pleasant morning.. You wake up and open the eyes to see the running sun into the room….yawning..rubbing your eyes get up searching for your IPOD and switch on “Aamani Paadave” which starts with the chirp chirp of birds bringing the pleasant humid breeze atmosphere into the heart…. Melodious magnificent balu voice…tantalizing flute … with the changing seconds ..morning is becoming more pleasant leaving more and more enthusiastic day ahead….
After a teird and disturbed day…..
When you are on the bed resting …. Your speakers are playing “Om Namaha” for you… balcony door is slightly opened and chilled breeze wants to play with your ears along with the playing track….
You are unaware of the reason behind the excitement running in the veins and nerves….is it the wind or is it the Track….listening with your 3 ears..third being your heart….
Opened door of the heart started singing along …… at the last ..a big sigh and disappointment on the sooner completion of the song……
Slowly… completely …. Getting into the lap of sleep…still ears lingering the same beat and melody…..Unforgettable Balu voice……

Oh there we are…on our way going into a another pleasant morning with Music…
With Ilayaraja…..

If he is GOD then Music is a Religion

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