Sunday, December 13, 2009


After along time, again a movie compelled me to write down something at this late hour. I always gave a deaf ear to the complimants given to Big b... I never ever felt him amazing other than in few of the films. Now, today , i was awestruck with his unbelievable performance. He is simply superb and unbelivablelly cute,Yes he is cute as Auro in this film.
Special mention about R.Balki , the director of my fav film "Cheeni Kum", he got his own kind of style with the dialogues which are making his films subtle n sweet.
ILayarja's Background music...
Vidya Balan's ease....
The pleasantness of the environment ....
The cool Screenplay...
The perfect Abhishek bacchan...
The realistic cinemautography....
Loads of emotions...Subtle Experssions...
Tilt of humour...Loads of Fun..
collectively are called "PAA" .......
Dont miss it :)


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  3. Good to know you liked it as well. I liked the kind of narrative that Balki used for the subject. It was quite appropriate I thought.

  4. Please blog more often, Srujana!
    We all love your articles- deep and insightful!! :)

  5. Or have you moved over to a new blog?!
    Please update those details!!