Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Rajesh Khanna’s Anand….
Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Anand……
Amitabh Bacchan’s Anand…..
Salil chowdary’s Anand….
Gulzar’s Anand…..
Mukesh’s Anand…..
Yogesh’s Anand…..

The real hero’s of this film are ..Rajesh khanna..Gulzar ,Salil chowdary and Hrishikesh…for their wonderful action, dialogues ,music and Story respectively.

Story starts with a Young doctor Bhaskar Banerjee ( Amitabh Bacchan) who is very passionated towards his profession and Nation as well. Unhappy with everything around..Starting from the patients ill health to the poverty around….his anguish comes out of his helplessness to save people around…
Very short tempered,irritated,silent young doctor..who always vent his anger on the pages of his diary…..
Dr.Kulkarni( Ramesh Deo) friend of Bhaskar who is a cool and composed person who knows to be a roman at Rome….Keeps on making money from rich for whom a assurance of one or the other health issue should be there every time ,which is a kind of medicine for them….
But Kulkarni is so kind hearted that, he takes care of all the patients who are poor and needy…..
On one fine day kulkarni tells Bhaskar that their common friend at Delhi who is again a doctor, referred a cancer patient to him, who is a friend of his, and he will be with them for another few months as he is orphan and would like to stay in Mumbai.
When Bhaskar comes to know that the patient is in the last stages of cancer and would have his last breath at any time, gets pissed off because of that non medical aid cancer which can be recognized only at the last stages and when diagnosed will get nothing much to do other than waiting for the death of the patient.
Right at that moment, Anand ( Rajesh khanna) steps in…with a white paijama and a bag, waving to Dr.Kulkarni ( Whom he met already at his doctors place)…. Addressing him as “Dosth……” …..the entrance of Anand is more like a strong cyclone….he goes on talking talking talking talking…listening to whom we feel breathless for a 2 mins he talks more than 1000 lines….about everything ..Starting from how are you…to the point where in he irritates Bhaskar …and ends up in impressing bhaskar in the very next few seconds…
When he enters..Dr.Kulkarni and Bhaskar will be discussing about his health condition by seeing his X-Ray.. knowing which Anand in his style starts cracking jokes. by asking “Tell me what’s going on…what is the name of my problem….” , Bhaskar as he is already heavy hearted to see a person in front of him, who is going to die in no time, gets irritated with Anand’s behavior and shouts on him asking “What do you want to know??
Anand answers in a very innocent yet sensible way by telling “ It means that I am in my last stages and will die very soon, and more pathetic thing is even you will die after 60 use…for sure you will die”
If this sounds pretty dramatic when you read this, then the fault is mine but not of the director or actor as it is perfectly portrayed in the film ,if not penned in this blog.
Story goes on and Anand with his funny and mischievous behavior makes you laugh along with him … you will forget for a while that you are watching a film.
Time comes in where in he gets close to everybody around…starting from the doctors to just any other person going on the road…
A special mention of a concept in this story is…
Anand when goes on road….simply goes ahead and will pat on any person on the road and will say “Murari laal… bhulgayaa hamko” ( did you forget me murari laal? )… when the person tries to deny his identity as murari laal…he will still seriously try to make him reminded of their acquaintance which doesn’t exist in the first place….
After a few time he will say to the other person.. okay let it be..though you are not murari laal..still we now know each other right? So now give me a shake hand and lets become friends…
But the way he pats on the back of ppl is something which makes every one for a moment to believe “if he really knows him?”
At one instance when he is with Dr.Bhaskar and when he does the same… Bhaskar asks him why he wants to do it when the guy is denying the identity…
Then answers Anand.. on the first hand I don’t know anybody by the name murari laal… but dosth..did this ever happen to you that you get to see somebody and you don’t like them at all for no reason..and at the same time you see some ppl whom you know nothing about but still want to talk to them , pat them get closer to them for a while???
It happens with me when I see for ppl whom I feel like talking ..i do go and is very short so obviously it should be made sweet sweeter and sweetest

Some of the many heart touching dialogues …..
“Zindagee badi honee chaaheeye babu mushaair…lambhi nahi” ( Life should be big but not long)

Music of this film is to be mentioned especially as it carries a feel which you can never ever forget in your lifetime
Lyrics ofcourse make a difference….or rather add’s flavor to the wonderful music given by Salil chowdary sir…
The lyrics were written by Gulzar (Maine tere liye, Na jiya jaye na and the poem Maut tu ek kavita hai) and Yogesh (Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye and Zindagi kaisi hai paheli).

At the last….Anand dies of Cancer….of course as expected….But when he dies….he will make you cry for sure..
I have seen friends who on listening to me about this said..No way, I will not cry…and I made all of them watch this film….They cried ….some for a moment..Some for a while….some with floating eyes..some with pounding hearts

Recently I made all my friends watch this along with me, they met Anand, they liked Anand and they cried on his death….
The CD came to an end but none of us were ready to make the first move, everyone sat at their places, knowing nothing lucid about the running emotion of that moment. Everybody were wiping tears and feelings. Then Rang my mobile which killed the silence….

That’s Anand… Babu mushaaairrrrrrrrr

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  1. "It happens with me when I see for ppl whom I feel like talking ..i do go and is very short so obviously it should be made sweet sweeter and sweetest"

    How true.. how very true..!! Many of us stay in our own cocoon of insecurities and uncertainities when it comes to going up to and initiating a talk with someone we might like to talk to. But when we get to talk to them, if at all, we get to know how silly we were in feeling so inept in the first place.

    Anand's character shows the other extreme of the absolute lack of any complexes when it comes to talking to people. Some children are like that. For them the world is one big family, their family; and everyone is part of it. If only we could be like that :)