Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MEDIA...The Misused Weapon

Media..The One Weapon which alone can fight all the Powerful things of world....
Media..The Weapon when used properly yeilds fruitful results
Media..The Weapon when misused creates horrible DESTRUCTION
My Indignant towards Media started when i got to see lot of FUSS its making out of everything thats useless...
When some blind school girls are raped and assaulted, it was not a big news….
When Amitabh Bacchan had a leg sprain..its a news…
When Chennai Law college students were bet to death,it was not a big news….
When RamGopalVarma visited Taj…It was a news…
Let me list out 2 incidents just to give a Example…...
Satyam….What a FUSS it was…..
I work in a building which is quite next to Satyam BPO…
The day when Ramalingaraju resigned, with in no time, all the media gathered over there in front of that building….
Security Gaurds were ordered not to allow any one from media into the premises…
They all waited for along time standing infront of the Building…
Cameraman and Photographers who havent had much work to do,started taking snaps of all the people,who were coming out from Satyam building…
Obviously employees will come out for a break and will stay out of the building and will have a cigar ….
Snaps of those employees were captured
As its Satyam BPO…employees will be coming in shifts and female employees while going back through their cabs, will have their scarfs arouns their faces to save themselves from the pollution around… So even on that day, they had their scarf’s and came out from the building after their working hours and were getting into cab’s…
Snaps of them were captured and published in many news editions stating that “Satyam Employee are hiding their identities inorder to escape from Media”….

The fact MEDIA needs to understand is, though Ramalingaraju resigns..though he is going to rule the whole IT industry..Though he is going to make a fraud…Still the Hyd pollution remains the same and one needs to use scarf to protect themselves from having a hair loss n Skin Problems :) …..
We do understand that poor media was anxious to write something about Satyam on the very day, and they were neither allowed to intreview anyone from satyam nor permitted to get into the premises….But that dosent mean that they are free to scribble anything they want to…..

Coming to TAJ terrorist attacks…
A really intresting stuff to write about….
I never deny the fact that few news editions like Eenadu( Telugu) and The Hindu wrote quite sensible stuff about these attacks..digging into details on how these people were able to get into the state and what were the hinderances for police to stop those disasters..so on so forth….
But the same media made a MESS of Ramgopal varma visiting TAJ……
Why is it a news at all??? Media was so intrested in telecasting this piece of information in all possible ways….
Wrote that RamGopalVarma is going to shoot a film on this Terrorist attacks for which he wanted to visit Taj Aftermath…..
Which ofcourse Ramu defied in his blog…
For a while, lets believe that what all Ramu was accused for was true, still a simple question…
When Thousands of people were brutally killed over there
When So many commando’s lost their lives in battles
When Politicians are spewing their venom ….
In between all these vultures ..is RamGopalVarma visiting TAJ a bigger issue to be talked about?????????????
If media believes that they are Zapping injustice by writing about such incidents making them to be issues…
Then let me ask Media to take a challenge……If you really believe in yourself and if you really have the real GUTS then undress the injustice that’s prevaling in all the sectors of Government and all the parts of world..
Make a noise on behalf of people who are being brutally killed for no reason
Make a noise on Bribe which is a big conspiracy
Make a noise and bring the awareness in people about lot many prevaling issues of the country which needs immediate attention
Make a noise about the black money all over the country which if used properly erases poverty of the country for next 100 years…

Write down all the facts about land mafia…
Write down all the facts about whats happening with Govt and oppositions

Once I heard Abdul Kalam Sir talking about Media and he was saying , “I am always surprised on why our Media highlights news which are negative, than news which is positive.” He was stating some country and was telling that “ I got to see a big disaster happened over there, and the next day paper had some positive information of their country winning something in the front page. The news on disaster was there in second and third pages, this helps to keep the people spirits”
May be he is true….
Along with FACTS..positive writeup on the issue will raise the spirits of people.
A simply example is Satyam issue…
Other than giving facts, Media succeded in threating people by writing down that, “Heavy layoff’s is expected, Infosys declared that they will not hire people from satyam, So many clients are planning to withdraw their contratcs from satyam , TCS INOFSYS WIPRO are going to be benefited with this issue”

That’s called as Media HYPE….
Facts are…
• Satyam got 53000 employees ..out of whom close to 13000 are ghost employees…which makes the count come to 40000 employees.
Satyam declared a layoff of 10% which counts to 4000 employees
And that amount of layoff’s are already happening in most of the companies through out the IT world as part of recession.
• Infosys was in a plan to acquirw Satyam,after this incident they dropped the plan of acquiring Satyam and stated the same. Neither spokesperson from infosys nor Narayanamurthy never declared there disintrest in hiring Satyam employees
• All the clients of Satyam are there with this organisation from quite a long time… The Accounts may be Fake…Ramalingaraju’s profit declaration may be fake…But the amount of work they delievered is not fake…The fortune 500 clients they had was not fake….Their expertise in IT field for close to 25yrs is not fake….
The client who can understand this will not be going back from satyam, anxious and panic clients may go which may not be a big deal though it affects to an extent.

Apparently, all these facts were hidden by Media for their own solace….
If these fatcs would have been kept in front of the country the very first dayitself..then may be the ERP ratings wouldn’t have increased to that level for News channels as well as editions….

Economic crisis…Keep writing on this…but also do write about the +ve steps being taken or need to be taken to comeout of this….
+ve waves always work……

Dear Media,

Aishawarya Rai is going to marry Abishek bacchan….
Salman Khan wants to have 10kids now….
Will Saifalikhan marry Kareena?
Zero Size of Kareena is the hot topic in Bollywood…
SoniaGandhi is going to have dinner today at XYZ resturant…
Abhinav Bindre is now brand ambassador for Plasma TV …..

Please keep writing all those sensless news which is going to help you increasing your ERP ratings…
There are people who look for those kind of stuf..please satsisfy them too as you need to be good commerically ….( No sarcasam)

A normal citizen’s indifference is of no consideration..
But the same indifference from a Intellectual is untolerbale mistake….
Being a good intellectual..[
With your pen….
Instigate the Youth..
Instigate thirst for loyality….
Instigate the burning blood which alone can WIN the odd’s…..
You are into a mode of communication which is more powerful than it looks…
You can be the real HERO’s by bringing out the TRUTH……

You do have your own limitations which is very much acceptable..But don’t we think its better to be loyal to ourselves and to the country than to manipulate????

Don’t make even the sensible people make the statement “MEDIA SUCKS”



  1. The advent of 24*7 telecast and dedicated news channels means that they need to find news to fill the time. If they can not find news they will create 'news'. The simple logic that negative and sensational item leaves a lasting impression on a person's psyche than a positive item is driving them there.

    There is this dialog in, I think, a Spiderman movie which says, "With great power comes great responsibility". The MEDIA has a great power. No doubt about it. But is it using it responsibly? That's the Million Dollar question.

    Personally, the negativism that is constantly aired on the so called News Channels like TV9 has driven me away from watching them. The print media is a no lesser threat either. Just look at the way the two major Telugu News papers in AP are being used as propaganda machineries for their respective agenda.

    We need to understand that we have much greater power than the media. If we can say no to what they have to offer to us, they will find a reason to get better. There is hope.

  2. Nice post..I started hating this media Jingoism altogether...I learned a lesson recently that I should stay away from this media after the YSR saga..