Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Step....Who Will Take it???????????

Local Train......
Female Compartment .. A mix of 70% Males, 30% Females....Remaining 50% females on the platform with a sad face, couldnt get into the train,cursing themselves for their fate all the time.
This is the scene i see reguarly in Local Trains....
Train stops at every stop for 1 min and all the male people will be hanging at the entrance because of which all females obviously cant get into the compartment.
Result is, will remain waiting for the next train.
Everyday, i get aggrevated when i see males getting into female compartment…
Used to pass on my serious looks at them…Who ever comes to see me will for sure come to understand that I am cursing to max extent…..
Few days ago, in a heavy rush train got to see few males of 25-30yrs having quite a good amount of fun in ladies compartment…
Couldn’t resist, in that heavy rush took my step ahead and blasted them.
So this funda goes on daily…
But today in the evening when I am coming back from Office….
When the train stopped, I found it real hard to get into the train, as it stops only for 1 min and there are more than 20 ppl rushing to get into the train, when the entrance door is heavily filled with people standing….
Somehow struggled and got into the train and found 2 things to my surprise.
One is , it is half filled with males standing at the entrance.
Second is, the rest of the compartment is having lots of place to stand, inspite of which people were standing at the entrance and making it tough for other people to get into.
Sudden rush of anger…….
Stood with a red face looking at all the males stood over there…..
Then came a girl……
Lean..Fair complexioned tall girl….
Took the FIRST STEP…….
Very confidently started calling all the males and saying “Next station, get down from this compartment and get into the general compartment, Hope you are not a female to get into female compartment”
In a very confident tone ofcourse……
Simultaneously, she started asking all the people standing at the entrance , “Where do you want to get down?”
“Sec Station“
“Come back, Sec station is far, you need not stand at the entrance , on the way, not giving way to people getting in”
She was keeping on talking to people and telling them how important it is to make sure that they give way to people who are getting in as the train stops only for 1 min and the next time comes only after 30 mins.
She also made sure that all the males got down.

It was okay this time as ppl heard her, but there will be people who will not hear to her, on the contrary may shout on her……..
But she will be keeping on telling so that atleast few people will listen to her and from the next time will make sure not to repeat that….
To be precise, she got nothing to do with anything over there..But it was her social responsibility that made her take the FIRST STEP……
I am reminded of the song written by Famous Telugu Lyricist( My Fav) Sirivennela Seetramasastry Sir....

Evaro okaru epudo apudu..nadavaraa mundugaa ato ito eto vaipu

One or the Other or tommorow....
Should take the first step,either this way or that way

modati vaadu eppudoo okkadey mari......
first person is always One
modati adugu eppudoo vontarey mari.. venuka vacchuvaallaku baata ayinadi..

First Step is always Alone…Becoming the way for the people who follow

kadalaru evvaroo vekuva vacchina anukoni kodi kootha nidarapodugaa.. jagathiki melukolupu maanukodugaa
Hen is not sleeping assuming that none will move though its morning……It didn’t stop waking up the world

modati chinuku sootikaa dooki raanidey..mabbu kongu chaatugaa vodigi dhaagite.. vaana dhaara raadhugaa nela daariki..praanamantu ledugaa brathakataaniki..

Until the first rain drop comes without hiding behind the cloud..Rain will not be able to come to earth..which is lifeliner for human beings…

chedharaka podugaa chikkani cheekati….miNuguru rekka chaatu chinni kanthiki..daaniki lekka ledhu kalaratiri..
( here the author was referring to the Fly which by nature gets a light kind of glow in its wings that glitters in the nights)
The small fly is making it possible with his small inbuilt light to bring light in the dark at least for a while..That fly doesn’t care for dark nites

pedhavi pramidha nilapani navvu jyothini..reppa venaka aapani kanti neetini…saagaleka aagithe dhaari tarugunaa? jaali choopi theeramey dariki cherunaa..?
Behind the lip let the Light of Smile flourish…Stop the Rain of sorrow behind the lip….Failing and stopping in btw the journey will not reduce the way….Will the Shore come to you out of mercy for your helplessness?

yugamulu saagina ningini taakaka…yegasina alala aasa alasipodugaa…otami oppukuntoo aagipodhugaa

from years together though the waves are not able to reach the sky, still they haven’t yet accepted their Failure and still keep on trying..

entha vedi endakaa ollu mandithe..antha vaadi aavirai velli cheeradha..antha goppa sooryudu kallu mooyada..nalla mabbu kammitey challbaaradaa..?

How hot may be the sun..atlast those hot winds will evaporate…
Even the great sun is closing his eyes & becoming cool once the cool moon comes

In between her work in the train :) she got few time to talk to me where in came to know few things about her like...her name is "Subhadra" and she works for Value Labs....Hyderbad

Be the change you want to see in the world………..
Take the First Step……..
Ofcourse from a tiny issue as this to a bigger issue as VOTING your leader who is going to Lead the COUNTRY…..


  1. Hi,
    I'm Subhadra..
    Just wanted to add few more points.........

    Its not that the total blame goes to male persons. Few times it happens like they do not find place in general compartment and they get into the "Female" compartment. We cant find fault with them at this point. But yes we should make sure it does not cause us inconvenience.

    Wanted to share one of my personnel experience observed regularly in "FEMALE" compartments at local trains......

    By the time mmts[8:30 mmts at sec'bad] arrives at our stn we find few gals standing at the entrance blocking others to enter. Looking at them we say to ourselves "didn't they knew that they are blocking the way..........." and so...

    And the most funniest thing i find is
    "Usually many ladies board at Borabanda stn and ppl getting down at Hi-tech city stn or further stand at the entrance on either sides blocking the way. Ppl getting in shout at us saying "arn't you educated. Dont u know your are blocking the way and.........". We laugh at them[it happens].

    Later when it comes to our turn of getting down at our destination, we find the same ppl blocking our way. Now we start shouting at them "Y dont u ppl go in. U r blocking our way and..........". The same repeats[as if saying LAGE RAHO].

    So instead of pointing out on others mistake, first make ourselfes clear arn't we repeating the same?????????

    Im not blaming anyone. Even im one of "WE" i mention all over.

    First lets bring the change within and then get on with others.
    I beleive "when we are kids we do things by understanding the words other say. But once we are grownup, we better understand the things by looking others doing them". Do we need a person standing with LAATI ot Stick to make us understand our responsibilities??????????

    Think over again !!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Subhadra..
    On seeing your comment i was astonished to the max extent as we havent had any personal conversation and there was no way you can know me or my blog...
    Thanks to your colleague who happend to read this and brought you here into this link and suprised you as well as me :)

  3. I stumbled upon your blog through venkat profile..I must admit, I am impressed with your thoughts..As far as Local trains are concerned..I don't have much experience with them apart from couple of times..and that too I have been in general compartment..Nice song anyways...Keep writing